Last week I have celebrated the Halloween week, where I watched one Modern Horror movie every night from Monday to Sunday.

In my opinion Modern Horror is a genre where you don’t need any old horror cliché like Over the top Ghost appearance, Lousy Jump scares, or Excessive Bloodshed.

It’s a genre which reflects the reality of our society and the horror we face in everyday situations i.e (A Human Mind) and I believe that’s the true horror which is beyond ghost, monsters etc.

So here are my list of top five Modern Horror Flicks for Halloween:


Get Out is well written and smoothly executed horror/thriller flick that deals with so many issues of Modern society that we are refused to accept. The characters are well flushed out and the tension and suspense are build up to give all of us a chill.


Hush is breath of fresh in the Home Invasion Genre. The movie is about an author who is Deaf and Mute and the struggle to save her life from an Outsider. The whole movie is revolved around a house with a nail-biting screenplay which gives you chilling experience.

3. The Babadook

The Babadook is just not your another monster movie in fact it’s much more than that, it’s more about a struggle of a single mother who face all sorts of trouble just to give his son a better safe future. It’s more about the relationship between Mom and Son and how they stick together in difficult situations and overcome their fears.

4. Don’t Breathe

Don’t Breathe is another take on Home Invasion Genre and I must say it’s quite a good one. This time the person is blind whose house got invaded. The movie plays well with jumps scares, background score and gives you chilling suspense.

5. IT Follows

IT Follows is a nostalgic tribute to 80’s Monster Horror Flicks but in a contemporary way. The Background score reminds me of 80’s Synth and techno music and the cinematography is stunning and beautiful. The story is old but looks fresh and gives you ride to 80’s Horror time.

Happy Halloween to All 🎃🎃 Registered & Protected C9K9-VNOP-BREX-3SBF