Rainy season is a time when all things washed up by tiny drops of water. It’s a time when things in a city washed from dusty sand of time and appears new and fresh if you look closer.

Every streets, Building’s and parks shine’s when it rain. Weather has different effect on different ages of people.

For some folks rain brings happiness and for some it brings trouble. Every person has their different way to look at it. It depends on the state of your mind, that how you think of it. For children, rain brings joy and cheerfulness. It does add a new perception into their lives. For them it’s a new start in their life.

For grownup’s rain brings nothing but just a break into their busy lives. For them, its bring traffic jams, roads flooded with water and its looks like that the whole world is just stop because of it.Grown-ups can’t even go anywhere when it rains, and they have to cancel all their important meeting and get-together. For them it’s a Restart in their hectic lives.

For me, Rainy Season is the second best season. Whenever its rain I constantly feel refreshing and it’s totally changed the environment in the city. When I was a kid, I always find the excuse to not to go to the school whenever it rain. And now when I am an adult, I only like raining when I am at home. I don’t like it when I leave for the office in the morning or when I leave for the meeting. I live in a city where Summer Season last for 6-7 months and the temperature goes up to 40 Degree Celsius, which is why I like Rainy Season more because it’s really brings a relief in our lives.

For me raining it’s not just a few drops of water, its feels like that the Life itself dipping from the sky and brings joy, freshness and a new energetic vibe into our so called busy lives. Most of us connect Raining to sadness, they say you can’t see tears when you are standing in the rain but I say it just brings another reason to have a fresh start in your Life.

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