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Best Love Story in 5 Minutes – Valentine Day Special

Pixar’s Animated Film “UP” tells us a wonderful and the Amazing Love story in under just 5 minutes. Continue reading “Best Love Story in 5 Minutes – Valentine Day Special”

Sherlock Series 4 Review by [HIM]

BBC’s Sherlock is in its fourth Series and still going strong. The Fourth Season is heavily marketed as the Return of Moriarty. Continue reading “Sherlock Series 4 Review by [HIM]”

Republic Day Parade – 26th January 2017 (Freedom)

Republic Day is one of the three National Holiday in India. Its celebrates the day when Constitution of India came into force, back in 1950. The celebration is held in New Delhi at Rajpath. Continue reading “Republic Day Parade – 26th January 2017 (Freedom)”

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