Today marks the 6th year anniversary of my blog. And I would like to thank my fellow Bloggers & Friends who appreciated my not so good writing. So far my journey into the world of the blogosphere has been quite amazing.

On 8th Oct 2014, I posted my very first blog about my thoughts on “Home Garden”. I was so nervous at the time of posting my very first writing piece and thought what if nobody will see it or relate to it. But all of my nervousness disappeared as soon as I posted and got my very first like on it. Click Here to read my first ever blog (and Please be patient with my broken grammar in that blog).

I started this blog because I love to express my views and thoughts about stuff that I appreciate in life. I always write from my heart and soul and it really makes me feel good when my fellow bloggers read and appreciate my not so perfect writing.

In the beginning, I didn’t plan anything about how my blog will going to look like or what sort of content will I post. But as time goes by, things got in shape and here we are after 6 years.

The WordPress blogging community is one of the most positive communities that I have known in this digital world. And I am glad that I joined WordPress and met some of the most prodigious bloggers who write amazing stuff.

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