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Why I Love First Man?

When I watched “First Man” in 2018, I wasn’t expecting much from it because I had already seen tons of Space exploration films and documentaries that show different aspects of Space expositions. Continue reading “Why I Love First Man?”

Take My Heart when you Go

Westworld Season 2 Episode 8 “Kiksuya” gave us one of the most amazingly well Written and Scripted Story of the Entire Season. Continue reading “Take My Heart when you Go”

Top Five Modern Horror Flicks to Watch on Halloween🎃🎃

Last week I have celebrated the Halloween week, where I watched one Modern Horror movie every night from Monday to Sunday. Continue reading “Top Five Modern Horror Flicks to Watch on Halloween🎃🎃”

What Logan has Taught Us

Logan is the Tenth Installment in the X-men Film Series and the last appearance of Hugh Jackman as Wolverine.

Continue reading “What Logan has Taught Us”

Best Love Story in 5 Minutes – Valentine Day Special

Pixar’s Animated Film “UP” tells us a wonderful and the Amazing Love story in under just 5 minutes. Continue reading “Best Love Story in 5 Minutes – Valentine Day Special”

Halloween Special – Top 5 Classic Horror Movies to watch on YouTube for Free

Its Halloween everyone, so dress up your scary costume, tell scary and weird stories, decorate your house with scary and creepy things and most importantly, watch Horror Movies with your friends and family in darkness after being lit by the glow of your TV Screen and Set your mood for Halloween.

Continue reading “Halloween Special – Top 5 Classic Horror Movies to watch on YouTube for Free”

Life Lessons I learned from Rocky Balboa

Rocky Balboa is one of the amazing characters in the world of fiction. He is someone I truly idolize.

Continue reading “Life Lessons I learned from Rocky Balboa”

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