Logan is the Tenth Installment in the X-men Film Series and the last appearance of Hugh Jackman as Wolverine.

Its directed by James Mangold who previously directed The Wolverine. In my opinion, This is the Second Best Super-Hero Comic Book Movie, first being The Dark Knight. The Story of the Movie deals with the real issues and problems of the world. It’s the Best X-Men Movie so far. And I have learned some important things from this movie i.e….

Old Age comes to Everyone (The Ultimate Masculine Fear)

Logan 2017 (Courtesy of Fox)

One of the highlights of this movie is that, How Professor-X and Logan, who were once Super Humans are now dealing with the Old Age. This is one of the realities of our Life. We have to learn that aging is the part of our life and we have to accept it with the proud. No matter how Powerful and Strong you are now, in the end you will be getting older and weaker, but it doesn’t mean that Old age is all about weakness, in fact, its more about How you learn from your experience and grown into wiser and mature person.

The Importance of a Family in Life (Family values)

Logan 2017 (Courtesy of Fox)

Throughout his entire life Logan was always on a run, He did settle for some time and tried to create a family of his own but it didn’t end it well for him. This Experience haunts the rest of his life. He knows the Importance of a Family because he lost his close and loved ones. I really admire that they show the importance significance of a Family in this film. Most of the times we take our Family for granted, but a Family plays an important role in a person’s life. Family is not all about a blood relation in fact it also can be made up of those persons who understand you well andย really cares for you with Unconditional Love.

Living with the pain of losing your Loved ones

Logan 2017 (Courtesy of Fox)

Professor-X and Logan find difficulty to live with the pain of losing their family. It’s really shows that they don’t want to live with this loss. The pain is unbearable for them to handle. But still they are living with a Hope in their minds that some day they will overcome this pain. Professor-X hopes that to overcome his pain he must help the next generation to make a better future for themselves.

Giving Hope to your Next Generation

Logan 2017 (Courtesy of Fox)

Whenever we need guidance in our life, we always look up to our parents, guardian or teachers. And when we get old enough, then we take the role of Parent or guardian or teachers. Logan never was a good teacher, or a parent, but he did try in the end to stand for Laura. Logan never wanted any other person to live his life and he certainly does not want Laura to live her life like the way he did. He admits in the end that he wanted Laura to live her life in peace and harmony and not in violence. In the end, he gives hope of a better future to Laura.

Finding Inner Peace

Logan 2017 (Courtesy of Fox)

Finding Inner Peace in your life is sometimes very difficult. After living a long life of violence and in pain, Logan did find the inner peace in his mind and heart by helping Laura to be in a safe place and can have a possible safe future. People achieves inner peace in a different way. For some people, it could achieve by accomplishing certain goals in life or by following certain sets of rules in your life to shape it better or giving some sense of purpose to your life.

Overall, Logan did a marvelous job of telling a real story which revolves around the real issues of Life and reflects the problems of the real world that we are facing today.

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