Westworld Season 2 Episode 8 “Kiksuya” gave us one of the most amazingly well Written and Scripted Story of the Entire Season. It tells the story of a Host name Akecheta on a path to find the door which leads him and his lover Kohana, and their kind into a Heaven-like place. The Story of Akecheta is the Best Story-line of the entire two seasons of Westworld.

It’s a Story of Power of Love, Awakening of Life, and Finding the Consciousness. It’s a Story, that made my Cry.

In his First Story Arc, Akecheta has lived the life of a peaceful agrarian tribesman. He lived with his lover Kohana and his tribe. One day, he found a Maze Toy, and the design of the Maze awakened his Consciousness  and he got obsessed with it and started making the Maze design everywhere to awake the other Hosts. Later, the park’s technicians changed his behavior and made him more violent and gave him a new Narrative of The Leader of the Ghost Nation. But he still remembered his previous Narrative/Life because his consciousness is awakened. In this New Narrative, he found out A Door in the hidden Construction Site “The Valley Beyond”, which his consciousness view as a Door to the Valley Beyond, A place where they all can be free from all the sufferings and pains.

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But Kohana his Lover is not the part of in his New Life/Narrative. So he kidnapped Kohana from the Tribe in hopes of reminding her previous life when they both love each other. He then Repeated their words of Love, He said “Take my Heart when you Go” and she replied “Take mine in its place”. He managed to make her realize about their past life relation.

He then take her with him to find out the door again, but this time was failed to find the place and Kohana was captured by the Technicians and sent back to the facility. He travels throughout the entire Westworld in hopes of finding her but he failed again. He knows about the spiritual views of his tribe, and that “The Ones Below” came from below. he realised that needed to go there, in the hope of finding the Kohana. He returned to his warlike life and deliberated threatened a guest, who stabbed him and killed him.

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When he reached in the Facility, he found Kohana who is now Retired and Deactivated, whom he tearfully said goodbye. He also founds the bodies of other members of his tribes. At that moment he realized and said “that was the moment I saw beyond myself. My pain was selfish. Because it was never only mine. For everybody in this place there was someone who mourned their loss. Even if they didn’t know why. We were all bound together. The living and the damned”.

He then goes back to the park to raise the consciousness of other hosts by sharing the symbol of Maze which means Consciousness isn’t a journey upward, but a journey inward …a maze.

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Akecheta’s journey have so many layers in it. His Journey of Consciousness is comes from a voice inside him, his own voice which gave him the new directive in life. In Ford’s word, “All this time… you’ve been a flower growing in the Darkness”.

His Journey of Love resembles the myth of Orpheus who traveled to the Underworld in search for his love Eurydice.

This is a story of a Hero searching meaning of Life in a desert, going to the Underworld for his Love, meets God and spread the enlightenment and Leads his people to the Promise Land.

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