Pixar’s Animated Film “UP” tells us a wonderful and the Amazing Love story in under just 5 minutes. It shows a beautiful relationship between Carl & Ellie. Both spend their life together from childhood to the old age and always hold each others hands in good and bad times. And one of the best part of this short story is that it doesn’t need any words to explain Love and the background score is beautifully added in the scene to shows the variations of Human Emotions.

Here is that Short Story Scene from Pixar’s Animated Film “UP”

This short story taught me that if we spend our lives with someone we love then we can turn every day into a special one. Both Carl & Ellie tackle every situation in their life together because they have the power of Love. Both share their life, like they are on an adventure trip.

And in the End, its shows us that All good things comes to an end and Ellie past away in the end and Carl has to accept this loss and needs to continue his life because that’s whats life is all about, no matter what comes in our path good or bad, we just to accept certain things and move on in our lives.

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