When I watched “First Man” in 2018, I wasn’t expecting much from it because I had already seen tons of Space exploration films and documentaries that show different aspects of Space expositions. And we all heard and saw Moon Landing and heard about Neil Armstrong and his journey to the Moon. It is one of the decisive moments of our History.

This film is not about the greatest achievement of Humankind, but about a guy and his personal achievements, his struggle, his personal demons, his pain, and his inner peace. My mind experienced so many emotions while watching this film in the theater.

It’s a story of a man behind the Legend who is a quite reserved mild manner gentleman and experienced a lot of emotional baggage from his own past.

What I love about this story is, it deals with certain aspects of human emotions that we all can relate to, i.e. Finding Inner peace, Letting go of the ones who are close to you & Carrying the burden of your own emotional baggage while trying not losing your sanity.

Carrying Emotional Baggage while trying not to lose your Sanity

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Earlier in the story, we get to know that, Neil & his Wife Janet lost their younger daughter Karen to cancer. And this tragedy haunts Neil to such an extent that he carried the pain within his heart for many years. We see flashes of his memories of him being with his daughter at the times when he was doing test flights for the Apollo missions, which reflects his struggle to remain calm in dire situations.

Beauty of Solitude

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One of the highlights of the film is the climax in which we see Apollo 11’s final stretch to land on the moon which was captured so beautifully with stunning Visuals & Breathtaking Soundtrack by Justin Hurwitz that just elevates you into another world. Throughout the entire landing sequence you can feel the intensity and stability of Neil’s state of mind.

The Vacuum of Space represents the Solitude in which Neil is going through to reach the Moon. It also represents the Beauty of being away from all sorts of emotions that define your character.

Finding Inner Peace in Emptiness

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When Neil lands on the Moon, he looks into the horizon and finds nothing but Emptiness and Stillness in a weightless environment which made him realize that they are finally here after going through so many hurdles.

He then looks into the surface of the moon in which he sees his own shadow standing alone in this vast empty ground that reflects tranquility in his mind after a long time. He then pulls out his daughter’s bracelet from his pocket and drops it into the crater in front of him.

That bracelet represents her daughter and his emotional baggage that he was carrying on his back for a long time. He finally makes peace with his daughter when he let her go into this world of emptiness in which she can rest in peace.

In the end, First Man is a journey of a Man who finds tranquility in one of the most amazing space journeys in our history.

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