A classic rendition by Raj Kapoor, Nargis and Nadira – Shree 420. Surprisingly, this is my first black-and-white watch! Can’t believe, first and the best one.

It starts beautifully with the portrayal of Raj Kapoor’s simplicity and humbleness. Smallest of elements such as his broken footwear, Imaan (medal), extremely sweet smile and his ‘out of this world expressions’ only add to its beauty. Lalita Pawar’s character – Ganga Mai is genuinely too good to be true who takes care of him and trusts him like his own son.

There are times when we as humans get swayed away by limelight or get lured by unethical things, reason being that it looks so exciting at the first glance. Especially more so when an individual has been raised in such an environment where all what he has witnessed is injustice & unfair treatment owing to one’s financial status. Raj (played by Raj Kapoor) is one such individual. No matter how hard he tries to stick to his ethics and morality, he too falls prey to the business of making quick money by unfair means. His love interest Vidya (Nargis) tries her best to keep him rooted while making him understand the reality and how taking the wrong path always leads to one’s own destruction. But as they say, only time can be the best teacher.

With time Raj realises that this kind of fake fame and respect is not what he had yearned for. He never wanted to pick wrong methods to make it big in life. Eventually self realization kicks in and interestingly displayed series of events lead him to come out of the web and he finally reunites with his better half – Vidya. One of the hard hitting scenes when an eager home buyer lands up with a collection of hundreds of coins in the form of his life savings to buy his dream house, it moves you to the core.

Nargis and Nadira’s contribution is indeed worth an applause. Their characters are equally well framed in building up the structure of the movie. Not to miss, the demure Vidya’s expressions and body language is the epitome of a woman who stays firm on her principles without compromising on any uneven grounds. She is definitely a woman of substance. Additionally, Maya’s (Nadira) power performance, her character is quite bold considering this movie is based in 1950s and she does play it quite effortlessly. As a viewer, you get deeply engrossed in the way she uses and manipulates Raj for her own benefits.

Must watch for viewers who value simplicity and ethics in life!

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