Most of us wanted to have a lovely garden in their house, to sit their and have some coffee with their loved ones or to share their time with their family or friends. But in today’s world with so much crowd and with very few living space, most of us can’t full fill that wish.

But back in old days our grandparents or even our ancestor’s had their own garden and not just that sometimes they also had a tennis court and a swimming pool to. In those days everything was simple and calm. And one thing i noticed is that every time period of human life is precious whether it was your childhood, teen, or old age. In old days (and i m here talking about those days when there were no cellphone, computers, tablets, cars, or pollution) a common man’s life was simple and peaceful. But you are thinking right now that you can’t imagine your life without your computers or your cellphones and yes even i can’t imagine that but its true folks. In those days when we don’t have these gadgets to run our life we actually had time for ourselves and for our loved ones. At that time, we actually had time to develop physical and mental aspects of our lives. And when a person wants to relax a bit he or she usually sits in their garden with a beautiful cup of Joe. Every second house in a row had a garden at that time. Having a garden and maintaining it became a hobby for many people. A garden is a window to connect human life with nature. By having a garden a person can actually see the beauty of nature. A garden can add a touch of beauty in your house and it gives you a fresh feel every morning and it doesn’t matter whether it would big or small in size, it always gives the same output. As time grows a garden is suddenly became a place for social party and get together of family and friends. A garden became an important part of a life no matter whether it was a common man or a president of a country. Everybody wants to have a garden of their own.

Nowadays with so little space for living, there is no room for a garden in a common man’s life. Now garden is turn into a small little plants in pots and most of those plants are not even real ones. But we can find gardens in public place’s or huge gardens which are made by governments for better development. But these gardens are no match for those gardens which once were found in home and which actually had a personal touch to it.

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