Comic con is a famous convention for those people who live in the world’s of Hogwarts, Marvel Cinematic Universe, Star Trek or Star Wars and many more marvelous fiction stories.

It’s a place for all ages, from son to father or mother to daughter, where every adult person becomes a child and a child become…. Well, a child remains a child obviously. Recently Comic-Con had its fifth-year annual event in India.


Last month I attended my first-ever Comic-con Convention in Delhi thanks to my friend who told me to attend it. I was so excited to attend the convention because I heard so much about it. First I thought I am going to see one of the Hollywood’s biggest films promotions but when I checked their website for upcoming guest & attractions I soon realize that it’s not like a San Diego Comic-con where we can see all the Hollywood’s hot property, but still the guest list was pretty awesome without these Hollywood’s big shots. One of the guests was Kristian Nairn, who plays Hodor in the popular TV series Game of Thrones, also, Ty Templeton, 3 times Eisner award-winning artist of Batman, Rob Denbleyker, creator of Cyanide and Happiness and Dinesh Shamdasani CEO of Valiant Comics were there.


So I booked my ticket through online and prepared myself for one of the amazing rides in the world of comics, films & TV. I bring 3,000 bucks with me to spend it all on my favorite merchandise. I reached there before afternoon and started to explore the convention and I don’t want to miss any scheduled events cause I visited on the third and final day of the convention and if I miss it then I’ll have to wait for it for a year.

One of the main attraction of the event was Cosplay Contest. It’s a contest where everyone dressed as their favorite character (fiction or non-fiction). So in a way, I met Batman, Poison ivy, Chewbacca, Kylo Ren & many more.

Besides attending the on-going events, I finally started to buying my favorite merchandise and I bought “The Playbook” from “How I met your mother”,  “Joker” Graphic Novel, and Star Wars T-shirts, Book and Wall hanging.

I was waiting for Kristian Nairn who plays Hodor in the game of thrones TV series, and finally, he came to had a quick session with the host of the event. After that session, he went into his booth where every fan can have their picture with him and an autograph of him, but those pics and autograph are not for free. You have to pay 800 bucks for it. Then I realize that I already spend all my cash into buying stuff and those guys don’t take cards as well. Then the organizers told me that they have two ATM machine place near entry gate, so I quickly run to the gate in the thought of finally getting those pics with Hodor but then I saw that one the ATM machine is not working and there was a huge line on the second ATM machine and I am standing at the end of that line. Half an hour later I was halfway through the line when second ATM machine emptied.


Then again I went to organizers for next available option and they told me to try my luck on ticket counter but ticket counter also didn’t do any help in that case. Next I realize that metro station also have ATM and there was a metro station near the convention. When I reached metro station I saw that it had three ATM machines and all of them are out of order. After all that chase, I didn’t find any working ATM. But still it was an amazing and unique experience of Comic-con India.

In the end, I met fans, artist, TV personality, Cosplayers. Though didn’t get that picture and autograph but bought many of my favorite merchandise and waiting for the next Comic-con 2016.

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