Recently we have observed World mental health day on October 10th. Remember?!

We all know health is wealth, but we must remember that the context of health doesn’t only apply to physical health, it is social, and as well as mental health Too!

Social mingling and appreciation is a key source for mental health! And stats always say that homemakers become major victims of poor mental health because they are not appreciated enough for their work, True right?! We barely give credit to our mom’s cooking

Mental Health Matters

Now that the novel pandemic has locked everyone inside the house, social interaction has been lessened worldwide, so now we see a higher ratio of people falling prey to detrimental mental health! Ugh!! Pathetic r8?!

So what can we do to keep our spirits up?

  • Self-love is the first requirement, pat yourself that you are in this world for a greater reason
  • Listen to nice melodious songs which can soothe your soul and mind, watch happy movies, Read a good book

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