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Women Empowerment

Guest Blog: 10 Reasons Why People Make Excuses for Bullies

Down through the ages, either at school, the workplace, or the community, Continue reading “Guest Blog: 10 Reasons Why People Make Excuses for Bullies”

Guest Blog: Mentally Strong!!

Recently we have observed World mental health day on October 10th. Remember?! Continue reading “Guest Blog: Mentally Strong!!”

Guest Blog: The Lonely Soul!!

She looks upon the sky…
Loved the picturesque view of clouds and sun playing side by side…
She stands still there Continue reading “Guest Blog: The Lonely Soul!!”

Color for Gender

We are living in a world where colors are important aspects of our lives. From dawn of mankind to the Modern ages, Colors are always playing a significant role in our life. Every culture or religion has different definition for every color.

Continue reading “Color for Gender”

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