We are living in a world where colors are important aspects of our lives. From dawn of mankind to the Modern ages, Colors are always playing a significant role in our life. Every culture or religion has different definition for every color.

In Western culture, white color represents the symbol of peace, but in Asian culture it represents death and mourning, Also Yellow Color Signify Happiness, joy and hope in Western Culture but in Asia it represents sacred, imperial or relates to royalty. Since last century, some colors have had same meaning in almost every culture like Red Color represents Danger, love also a warning to stop, Or Color Green signifies new beginnings, hope or fertility.

But there is one thing in color which I found curious is that why Blue color is for Boys and Pink is for Girls. Why these two colors are associated with these genders. This all started in early 20th century, when there was a generally accepted rule which shows that pink is for the boys because it’s a more decided and stronger color and Blue is for the girls because it is more subtle and prettier for the girls. But that changed in 40’s. When clothes manufactures decided that Blue is for Boys and Pink is for Girls. Why we can’t use any color that we like? Why we divided colors with genders?

That thought occurs to me when recently I designed a logo for my friends NGO that called “Womenite”. My friend Sugandha (who is happens to be an amazing Content Writer) told me that she wanted me to design a logo for her NGO Womenite but she also told me that it’s just not represent only for Women but for all genders and she gave me three Words to work on it, which were Fire, Energy & Change Makers. It was a quite challenging for me, because the name of the NGO was Womenite and I had to design a logo which stands for all genders and equality. I also had to ignore the Pink and Blue Colors which are typically used for Girls and Boys.


After working on some variations, I finally designed a logo which shows that we all have a common fire that ignites our soul and guides us in our hardest paths and give light in our darkest days.

After working on this project I realize that we are totally blind to ignore this difference between boys & Girls. On the one hand we talk about equal rights for everyone and on the other hand in our very home parents wants to find out the gender of the baby before needing to buy clothes and accessories.

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