Last Month, I had a chance to visit the Mughal Gardens (Presidential Gardens) at Rashtrapati Bhavan (Presidential Palace of India). Every year these Gardens are open for General public from Feb to March.

Mughal Gardens was made by the famous architect Sir Edwin Lutyens under the British Rule of India. He made these gardens for Lady Harding. Mughal Gardens are the combinations of Mughal and British Architecture.

garden-1           garden-2

I started to visit the Mughal Gardens since 2011, now it’s kind of a tradition that I developed to visit these Gardens every year. For me it’s like visiting a small flower city. Its feels like you are entering into an entire new world which is only open for a month. When I walk into the garden, I feel like I am entering into an old era where people use to have huge gardens in the back of their house, a place where we can relax and find escapism from the harsh reality of our lives. A place where we can see the beauty of nature. It’s a place which reflects simplicity at its best.

garden-3           garden-4

There are Mughal canals, European Flowerbeds, lawns, plants and trees all around the garden. It has four waterways with different fountains. It has 250 varieties of roses, 60 kinds of Bougainvillea. It also has the largest collection of Mari Gold Flowers with 13 varieties of them. There are various colors of  flowers in the Mughal Garden like pink, red, white, yellow, purple and many more. There are Roses in Mughal Gardens with names of international celebrities include John F. Kennedy, Queen Elizabeth, Mr. Lincoln and Montezuma.

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