One of the amazing things about hanging out with friends without planning is that, you can expect anything to be happen. I love to travel or hanging out without making any plans for it, in that way I can expect anything from the journey.

Well most of the Saturday Nights, I hang out with my friends. Most of the time we just drive through the roads of Delhi. We always want to try something new. New Delhi is not so famous for its nightlife, here you will find empty roads as soon as the time reaches to 12:00 clock in the night. So in that way we always have to look for new places where we can spend our Saturday nights, some days we find interesting new places and some day we just went to home.

Recently, I hang-out with my friends on Saturday night. On that night one of my friend had a meeting to attend on the other side of the city and he asked me to accompany him on his meeting, so I went with him in hopes of that he will go to finish his meeting as soon as possible cause it’s a Saturday night and we don’t want to waste time on boring work meets. But in the end it took 1 hour to reach there and attend the meeting and by the time it ends, we had already wasted 3 hours of the night. And I already mention earlier that there is no night life after 12 am in Delhi.

So after the meet was finished, we had to decide that where we want to go now and we didn’t even have a dinner also we were at the far side of the main city. Then I think that if we want to make something interesting out of this situation, I had to think some crazy or stupid thing to do. Suddenly, I said to my friends that we need to find a place where we can have a dinner at 100 Rupees. I know that it is the stupidest idea ever cause we can’t find that much cheap dinner in a metro city.

We drive through from Connaught place to Karol Bagh to Def Col to Moolchand in the search for an imaginary place where we can find the Dinner at 100 Rupees. Some places were too high and some were closed. Well, after driving through Highways, streets and alleys of Delhi, we were beginning to lose our hope to find that place, but in the end, we finally find a hawker at Nizamuddin Train Station at 1:00 am in night. We were surprised that we found a Street food place which was open in late night and serves varieties of Paratha (flatbread) at 20 Rupees/per plate. In the end, we find a new place, three of us had an amazing dinner with an interesting journey to remember.

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