Hope is just a four letter word, but yet it’s a very powerful one. We live every day to meet certain goals. These goals that we chase throughout our lives is fueled by Hope.

Sometimes faith gives us positive energy to tackle even the biggest hurdles in our life. Many of us try hard every day to overcome the problems in our lives that we are facing, but sometimes it’s just hard to go on and on, and that’s how some of us lose their hope. But instead of losing Hope we need to remember that no matter how hard Life hits us or how big the problem we are facing, we just have to keep up our focus to meet our Goals. There is always a Silver lining in dark clouds. As you all know after the darkest night there will be a brighter day ahead of us, all we need to do is to just put our faiths alive and we can do anything that we want in this world. The best way to tackle problems in our lives is just to think that every problem is just an opportunity to achieve something good in life.

Sometimes by helping others in their darkest times without gaining something from them in returns gives us an inexplicable feeling of ease in our heart and mind. By helping them, we get more experience and strength to tackle our problems, in that way by helping others, we are actually helping ourselves.

Remember that no one in this world can beat you, only you can beat yourselves. Every problem is hard because you think it is. If you always stay positive towards your life, then you can solve any problems. As my friend Nisha says a Christina Dodd’s quote If you cannot see the bright side of life, polish the dull side.”  

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