Today in One Word Series, I have a word called LOVE. Again, it’s a four letter word which tells us about human emotions.

Love is one of the most powerful emotions that we have. Few people can understand Love very easily, however, there are many others who take their entire life to understand it.

Love, according to me, is a feeling where you feel emotionally connected with someone (Person) or something (i.e. hobby, work etc). It is a magical feeling where you really care for someone and put in your best efforts to make him/her happy. Moreover, this love could be with anyone (i.e. Father/Mother, Sister/Brother, Son/Daughter, Husband/Wife, Friends, and Girlfriend/Boyfriend) and anything (passion and interests). You don’t think twice before doing anything for your loved ones and there are no hidden motives or selfish reasons behind it. You just do it for them unconditionally.

Love for me is a beautiful dream. It’s something that keeps me moving ahead in my life. It is the love towards my family and friends that encourages me to become a better person. I believe in ‘Unconditional Love’ as it is the purest form of love. What makes it unique is the fact that it is not polluted with any negative emotions such as envy and selfishness. Usually people in this world do things for their loved ones because they get paid for it or gain a personal interest out of it. It is no surprise that the other person also loves him/her in return, just to solve his/her own purpose. If you love someone, you only care for their happiness; whether that person is happy with you or with someone else. We must remember that “Love is all about Giving”.

So far, I have learned that by loving or caring for someone without any conditions will ultimately give you ample peace of mind and satisfaction. Additionally, it will help you to become a better and stronger person in life.

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