Today in One Word Series, we have a word called “CARING”. It’s a simple word, but with a very powerful meaning behind it.

Why do we care about those who are close to us?? It’s because we all have an emotional side whether we admit it or not. And we care because we deeply connect with our close ones.

Caring is one of the positive emotions that can create a strong bond between people. The concept of caring someone who is close to you is very emotional and sensitive. It makes us more humane towards society.

In this never-ending world, we all care for something or someone like our family, close friends, our society or our nation. It all depends on how important that person or thing is to us. When we were kids, we used to care so much for some things like toys or video games, but as the time goes by and we grow into mature adults then we started to care for family or friends. It’s quite interesting that how our definition of Caring is change from childhood to adulthood.

Caring is also a have a very good psychological impact over our mind. If we show our caring towards a sick person then that person will recover quickly from his/her illness. Its boost confidence and will add much-needed positive energy to that person.

But today people are forgetting human values. All they care is for Money and Power. They just want to be on top by crushing everyone else. They are slowly turning into emotionless Robots who only care for themselves. There are very few people who actually believe in Caring these days. All we need to do is to spread the positive energy in the world and need to tell everyone that “WE CARE”

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