BBC’s Sherlock is in its fourth Series and still going strong. The Fourth Season is heavily marketed as the Return of Moriarty. This series has some ups and down. It is not great as the earlier series, but it’s still a decent follow-up to the earlier ones.

Fourth Series is again consisting of Three Episodes which are based on three Original Stories from Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. i.e Episode 1 – The Six Thatchers (based on “The Adventure of the Six Napoleons”), Episode 2 – The Lying Detective (based on The Adventure of the Dying Detective) and Episode 3 – The Final Problem (based on The Final Problem). Also some small elements are taken from other short stories as well to complete the episode.

Fourth Series also manage to give us the one the Best Episode of the All Series and that is Episode – 2 The Lying Detective. The Episode is well scripted and crafted and edited. Its includes the elements of Suspense, Twisted Ending, Well paced Drama, & Excellent Character Development.

Sherlock, Season 4

The show’s Original cast has return for the fourth season. And I would to mention a new cast member Toby Jones. He portrayed Culverton Smith, a crazed and psychopathic Businessman. He plays the character very truthfully and gave an astounding performance.

Should you Watch it??
I would say Undoubtedly. It’s a decent follow-up to the previous Sherlock Series . My ratings for the Fourth Series is 3.5 out of 5. It has a strong and excessive stories and good amount of twist and suspense to give you an immense watching experience.

Take a look at the Teaser Trailer for the show below:

Him Rating: 3.5/5 Registered & Protected